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WY-600 Cello

WY-600 Cello

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Product Code: Vlc WY-600
Tone: Warm and powerful, Penetrating, exceptional projection
Varnish: Antique
Top: European Spruce – Natural Dried for 15 years or above
Back: European Maple – Natural Dried for 15 years or above
Bridge: Aubert DeLuxe- France
Tailpiece: Weidler Akusticus - Germany
Model: Antonio Stradivari

A and D: Larsen Soloist’s Edition

G: Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten wound S32

C: Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten wound S33

Perfect for: Orchestral players/  Soloists
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The WY-600 series cello is one of the best in the WY series, providing warm and penetrating tone for the player. The top wood of the WY-600 series cello is made of Italian spruce that has been natural dried for over 15 years, and the back is made of natural dried Bosnian maple that is also over 15 years old. This allows for the vibration of sound to easily transmit from the top plate to the back through the sound post. The WY-600 series cello is characterized by strong resonance and ease of control, making it easier for players to perform.

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