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Thomastik Infeld - Vision

Thomastik Infeld - Vision

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Thomastik-Infeld Vision

Thomastik - Infeld Vision VI100 violin strings are wound with synthetic material for the core. The A, D, and G strings are made of multiple strands of nylon, which allows for quick and stable tuning and provides high flexibility. These strings have a bright, resonant, clear, and brilliant tone, perfectly suited for the modern music's pursuit of sound quality. They can also be effectively mixed with other synthetic strings.

In the Thomastik-Infeld violin string family, the Vision VI100 strings belong to the focused and bright type, offering a higher level of brightness compared to most other strings. They are ideal for violinists who seek a vibrant sound.

The Vision violin strings have excellent tuning stability and are handmade in Austria by Thomastik-Infeld. I believe these strings are particularly suitable for violinists who require precise sound production, especially for young players.

The Thomastik-Infeld Vision VI100 violin strings are designed for full-size violins (4/4), but they are also available in other sizes for purchase: 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8.

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