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Thomastik Infeld Rondo - Violin

Thomastik Infeld Rondo - Violin

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Thomastik-Infeld Rondo - RO100

The Thomastik RONDO set RO100 stands out among professional musicians and soloists for its exceptional tonal intensity and expansive dynamic range, accompanied by reliable responsiveness. These strings enhance the tonal quality of both vintage and contemporary instruments, imbuing them with a profound depth, brilliant contour, and delightful sweetness—qualities often associated with esteemed Italian instruments of the past.

One distinctive feature of the RO100 set is its remarkable focus, which contributes to an inner tonal density, creating a captivating focal point of sound. The strings exhibit an immediate bow response, maintaining this focus across all dynamic levels, regardless of bowing speed, pressure, or contact point. The harmonious combination of these attributes produces a resonant, melodious sound characterized by refined maturity and a beautifully expressive vocal quality. This results in a commanding presence that instills confidence in the player, effortlessly delivering projection and volume when needed.

Revel in the extraordinary musical experience offered by the RONDO set RO100, as it captivates both performers and audiences alike, standing as a testament to its exceptional qualities.

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