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BL-600 Cello

BL-600 Cello

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Product Code: Vlc BL-600
Tone: All-rounded, exceptional projection
Varnish: Modern Italian
Top: European Spruce – Natural Dried for 12 years or above
Back: European Maple – Natural Dried for 12 years or above
Bridge: Aubert DeLuxe - France

Weidler Akusticus - Germany

Model: Antonio Stradivari

A and D: Larsen Soloist’s Edition

G: Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten wound S32

C: Thomastik Spirocore Tungsten wound S33

Perfect for: Orchestral players/ Ensemble players/ Soloists
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The modern italian red finish is one of the favorite aspects among the BL-600 users. It has a powerful sound with good carrying power and very clear articulation. Complementing its all-rounded character, it has a very present reaction of harmonics and overtones making it very playable.

The BL-600 cello is designed specifically for soloists, with its A and D strings having strong penetration, clear articulation, and the G and C strings having a thick, resonant sound. As a soloist, it can easily handle works form J.S Bach to Dvořák.

The BL-600 uses Italian varnish and different painting techniques to create a unique work of art for each instrument.

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